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The Best Bitcoin Wallet in India – Zebpay vs Unocoin

Best Bitcoin Wallet in IndiaHi Fellas, today I am going to throw some light on the best Bitcoin wallet in India. When it comes to India there are only two names to share with you guys viz. Zebpay and Unocoin. And it is always Zebpay vs Unocoin. These two wallets are the best for Indian Bitcoin enthusiasts. However, they could have some drawbacks in the future. I will also discuss the third Bitcoin Wallet at the end of the article. Use International Mobile Bitcoin Wallet as soon as you feel comfortable in bitcoin trading. So without further a due, let’s start.

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Zebpay Vs Unocoin

Let’s have an in-depth discussion about these two. For India, the Zebpay vs Unocoin has always been the question. Which one is the better? Most important thing to notice here is both have their own unique services and both are gaining trends and trusts of their customers in India. However, Zebpay obviously has an edge over Unocoin for certain technical reasons. Well, I have dig deep for both the wallets and have listed the gist of my findings below.

Zebpay – India’s Leading Bitcoin Exchange.

The best bitcoin wallet in India when it comes to the population, Zebpay is attracting more than 2500 people to its exchange on the daily basis. It has already achieved the incredible feat of 500,000 downloads on Android. It has already crossed the turnover of Rs. 450 crores. On IOS Zebpay has a rating of 4+. Zebpay can be used for buying and selling Bitcoins, top up airtime and buy vouchers of Flipkart, Amazon and more. But these are just numbers, mere quantitative analysis. Let’s break down to its qualitative features one by one.

Qualitative Analysis

Trust: Becoming the best bitcoin wallet in India is a process and so far zebpay is doing well. Zebpay has internal security, they educate their users, support them at every step and give prompt replies to their queries.

Scam: Zebpay guides their users to use their exchange wallet only to buy/sell Bitcoins and not to store them. If they want to run away with your cryptocurrency why would they still be in business and give you the right guidance?

Educate: Sandeep Goenka is Zebpay’s founder and he is well versed with the technology behind Bitcoins and it’s economy. So he is always ready to educate users. Here is an example screenshot.

Sandeep Goenka screenshot

Legality: Governments in most western countries have regulated and legalized bitcoins in the last 1 year. So the trend is towards legalizing and not banning bitcoins. RBI could follow the same trend. Zebpay deals only with Indian users with Indian bank accounts and has contracted all government bodies to get clarity on import/export of bitcoins.

Transparency: Zebpay provides full transparency on their workings and day today activity. They don’t aim at cheating their users and have no motives of earning through arbitrage. The demand of Bitcoin in India is such that it automatically creates avenues of Arbitrage. See their support page and you will find your answers there.

So Zebpay has got both numbers and character to become the next big bitcoin exchange wallet in India.

Download Zebpay for Android and IOS devices. If this is your first install then I would like to offer you Rs. 100/- on your first buy/sell. Use my referral code REF35381884

Unocoin – Making Bitcoins operations easy.

Unocoin has been launched prematurely. Their services are yet to be evolved. The difference between the number of satisfied and unsatisfied unocoin users is not huge. Check out the Unocoin app’s figures for Android and Apple IOS devices. Clearly, Unocoin lost the battle at the numbers game. Coming to the qualitative analysis, unocoin don’t stand a chance in comparison to the zebpay. Top problems reported by the users are as follows.

  1. Verification errors in the app are frequent.
  2. Huge differences in buying and selling prices. Indicating towards arbitrage earnings.
  3. The Uno payment transaction is late.
  4. People sometimes get “Server Not Supporting” errors.
  5. Multiple times the UI get stuck and you will face problems saving settings.
  6. The biggest one is it does not work on Jio’s 4g network.

I think you got the idea. Some of the users have even stepped forward to call it a fraud app. Both zebpay and Unocoin asks for document verification where you have to upload your Aadhar card and PAN card. While Zebpay approved my documents within hours, unocoin, on the other hand, rejected those document uploads.

I hope unocoin will address these issues in the coming time and come out to be the best bitcoin Wallets in India. But the present time is certainly Zebpay’s.

Conclusion of The Best Bitcoin Wallet in India

Therefore, my friend, in the end, I would like to suggest you stick with zebpay for the time being. Since you are only starting out, you should stay close to the Indian community and buy bitcoins from India only. As soon as you start getting comfortable in trading bitcoins then you can switch to International Wallets like Copay.

And I hope your query about zebpay vs unocoin must have been resolved.

Why move on to International Wallets as soon as possible?

Simply because the government of India and Reserve Bank of India, the central bank, has simply not decided whether to legalize Bitcoin or not. But the Indian Government can also not avoid Bitcoins. Like they cannot avoid Internet and Torrents. Bitcoin leads to freedom because it is DECENTRALISED and this causes problems to governments as they cannot control it. The founders of the economy did not want their citizens to pay back half of their earnings back to government as taxes. Bitcoin is a gift to the coming generations and is very well declared as the citizens’ currency.

If you liked the Best Bitcoin Wallet in India-Zebpay vs Unocoin vs Coinsecure post then please share it with your friends and do let me know your choice of wallet in the comments below.


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    Dear **Zebpay **is great App and **GET 100 rs Free** use use *** REF35381884 *** this code at the time of installation or After installation in free bitcoin section in wallet menu and get* 100 rs free* . it is trusted and genuine code. By installing this App you can trade bitcoins in India.

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    Zebpay had difficulty in depositing the amount in users’ bank account due to sudden change. Hence, there was some delay in depositing funds. These were  Best Bitcoin Wallets India 2017  Do you know more? Just put those in comment section below and we will include those too.


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