buy bitcoins with debit cards in india

How Do I Buy Bitcoins With Debit/Credit Card In India

Hi fellas, in this post we gonna answer the question “How Do I Buy Bitcoins With Debit/Credit Card in India?” Though the last week decision made by China to stop new user registrations by midnight of September 15 has made the prices of Bitcoin to fall by 48% in India initially. But the price of […]

bitcoin for small businesses

Should You Consider Bitcoin for Small Businesses –

Why choose Bitcoin for Small Businesses? Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. You can now find numerous large corporations beginning to accept Bitcoins along with conventional payment methods. This large acceptance is in response to its increasing global usage. Therefore, small businesses have to consider Bitcoin for tax compliances. Further, more considerations are to […]

how to easily buy bitcoins in cash in India

If You Wish To Buy Bitcoins You Just Go To Localbitcoins.

Boom Fellas, Bitcoin is the new money wallet. Or if you didn’t knew that, then let me just tell you if you are new to the bitcoin world and haven’t heard about the website localbitcoin or you got acquainted with it just recently and you are skeptical about it, then here is some quanta of knowledge that […]

secure your bitcoins

Strategies to keep your Paper Wallet safe for a period of 10 years or more.

Here I have discussed the benefits of using Paper wallets over other solutions. I have always recommended using paper wallets to beginners and intermediates. If you have already generated your paper wallet from then let’s discuss how you can keep it secure for a longer period of time.

Best Bitcoin Wallet in India

Where to store your bitcoins? Online, Hardware or Paper Wallets? Solved

Hi Fellas, so you got your bitcoins whether you mined it or bought it online or exchanged it locally with your friends. NOW WHAT! You got your bitcoins now you don’t want to miss the step of storing it safely and securely. This is the most basic step but the most crucial step as well. […]