buy bitcoins with debit cards in india

How Do I Buy Bitcoins With Debit/Credit Card In India

buy bitcoins with debit cards in indiaHi fellas, in this post we gonna answer the question “How Do I Buy Bitcoins With Debit/Credit Card in India?

Though the last week decision made by China to stop new user registrations by midnight of September 15 has made the prices of Bitcoin to fall by 48% in India initially.

But the price of bitcoin further seen a rise by 25% shortly after the plummet.

Is Bitcoin Losing It’s Lustre In The Face of Flak?

Friends, no need to worry this is the nature of the cryptocurrency. If you are trading in cryptocurrency, then you have to embrace such volatility in prices. In fact, you should capitalize on this fall and consider it a perfect opportunity to buy more bitcoins and later sell them at a higher price.

Don’t repeat the mistake you made the last time when the bitcoin prices fell to the foothills. Many of us capitalized on the former fall. Another opportunity has been presented to you to make more gains.

RBI’s Take On The Bitcoin After China’s Decision.

Moreover, the Reserve Bank Of India(RBI) has made no harsh decision, unlike China. Therefore, Indians should feel free to trade in Bitcoins. RBI is going to hold a committee on the agenda – “How To Regulate Bitcoins In India“.

Many Bitcoin trading platforms in India including Zebpay, the brainchild of Sandeep Goenka are waiting for the outcome of the same.

Moreover, RBI is open to the idea of introducing its own cryptocurrency which will be very similar to the Indian Rupee. Therefore, the future of digital currency seems to be bright.

Now, moving forward to the main query –

How Do I Buy Bitcoins With Debit/Credit Card In India?

First, find a Bitcoin Wallet or a Bitcoin Exchange.

There are a number of bitcoin wallets and exchange services in India that are available. Some of the most popular bitcoin wallets and exchange service in India to choose from includes Zebpay(which is the most popular among others), Unocoin, Bitxoxo, Coinbase and Local Bitcoins. The wallets and exchanges must be chosen based on the platforms that can be used on and security.

Also read: The Best Bitcoin Wallet/Exchange In India.

My favourite bitcoin exchange is the because it is based world wide and provides diverse payment platforms to chose from. Also, it provides the platform to become a pro trader in bitcoin. Click here to know more about the localbitcoin trading platform.

Second, create an account on your chosen service.

Creating an account on these service providers is simple and is a no brainer. Simply provide your name, email address and other information asked. Follow the instruction provided on their registeration page and you will be good to go.

I would like to add here that wallet services like zebpay and unocoin which are India based require you to add your PAN Card and Aadhar card details as mandatory procedure to activate your account. Before starting trading on India based platforms, activating your account is mandatory as per RBI instructions. At some odd times it can take 24 to 48 hours to complete the activation process. However, usually your account is activated within few hours.

With Local Bitcoins on the other hand, you can start trading as soon as your account is created.

Third, Add your bank account details.

Adding your bank account details are required to transfer funds in the wallets you so chose. The funds can be transfered using credit/debit cards, NEFT or direct wire transfer. With localbitcoins you will have the ability to use various other payment platfroms like paypal, walnut etc.

These funds are stored in the Bitcoin Wallets and can be used to buy/sell bitcoins in India.

Fourth, Begin trading bitcoins.

Now you are fully able to trade bitcoins. At the time of initiating the transaction you are presented with the exchange rate of bitcoin at that time. You can buy/sell bitcoins right away or wait for the suitable price.


With this I wrap up my today’s post on How Do I Buy Bitcoins With Debit/Credit Card In India. I hope this information is helpful to you and have solved your query. If you like the post then do share it among your friends.

Also you can comment on this post to let me know which is your favourite wallet.

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